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  • Will it still be possible to use access cards and intercoms?
    Of course, the Blue Bolt platform works independently from existing systems.
  • Can I add my guests to the app?
    You are more than welcome to! Go to the 'Guests' section to add a new user and assign them access to selected locks. However, remember that your building/office admin can set a limit on the number of invites - contact them to learn how many people you can invite.
  • What to do if my account has been created, but I have not received an invitation email?
    In isolated cases, the invitation email may be blocked from appearing in your inbox and end up in spam instead. If you can't find your email, open the app, type in your email address and select the 'Sign in with link' option. A new email with a fresh link will arrive to your inbox - simply open it to log in to the app.
  • How to log in to the app?
    You should contact your building/office admin, providing your email address and a list of access required. An invitation to the app containing login details will then be sent to your email.
  • How can I change my login password?
    To change your login password, you first need to log in to the app using a link or your old password. From the Dashboard screen, go to the Settings page by touching the three-lines or sprocket icon (depending on the device used) and choose 'Change Password'. The app will ask you to enter a new password and confirm it. From now on, you can use the new password to log in.
  • Is Internet connection required to open doors?
    You don't need constant access to the Internet to open doors. However, your building/office admin can limit this option, in which case, access to the Internet may be required.
  • I lost my phone - what should I do to secure the app?
    Inform your building/office administrator immediately - he/she will delete your existing account and the access rights in it. A new account will then be created and all relevant accesses will be reassigned.
  • Can I respond to notifications from my building administrator?
    The app does not have a reply function for notifications, but you can leave your reaction under the message, as well as download files attached by the administrator.
  • From what distance can I open doors?
    The range depends on the individual configuration of each hardware module, but in an open area it is up to 50m, while indoors, around 20m.
  • What technology does Blue Bolt use to open doors?
    The devices communicate with each other via Bluetooth Low Energy - a technology that provides high-speed data transmission without putting a strain on your phone's battery.
  • Can I edit resource bookings made by users within my zone?
    Yes, the admin can create new bookings or cancel existing ones on behalf of the users.
  • How to add a new user to the app?
    The new user's email address should should be entered into the app and saved. Their account can then be assigned specific access. After saving the user's email, an invitation containing a link to download the app and login details will automatically be sent to the inbox.
  • Can access given to a user be revoked?
    Yes, the access assigned to a specific user can be deleted at any moment.
  • To whom can I send a notification in the application?
    A notification can be sent to an individual user, to users in a selected profile or to all users in a zone.
  • How do residents log in? Do they have to pair up with a lock?
    All that is needed to log in is a phone with the app installed. Residents click on the link, or enter the password received in the invitation. In the case of anonymous registration, users enter a one-time code received in advance.
  • How to edit the access of already existing users?
    Enter the user account, tap the three dots in the top right-hand corner of the screen, select 'Edit' and then add or remove access profiles from the visible list.
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