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Blue Bolt is a Polish team that puts innovation first and continuously seeks new possibilities to make the lives of tenants of different and diverse buildings easier. 

Our Vision is to deliver easily implementable automatic, mobile access solutions to any and all types of properties, regardless of their  purpose and age. In particular, we focus our attention on existing buildings, where traditional system refits have, until now, been a long and  costly process. 

Blue Bolt's Mission focuses on implementing innovative solutions on a wide range of residential, office and logistical buildings, improving the quality of work and living environments in a sustainable way.

We work relentlessly to open the doors to new possibilities for our clients and users. 

Discover how Blue Bolt resolves problems of diverse buildings 

projekt biurowy

Office project

projekt coworkingowy

Coworking project


Residential project


Parking project


For a residential project:

  • Access to the building via smartphone or smartwatch 

  • Automated elevator calling

  • Notifications from the building administrator appear directly on the tenant app 

  • Common rooms may be reserved through the app, while the administrator gains a tool to monitor their use  

  • Demonstrating low emission statistics and building certificates 

  • The installation process is fast and quiet to make sure it does not interefere with daily activities in the building 

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