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A company with over 500 employees has experienced difficulties in managing its parking spaces, which include parking spots used by people in hybrid work formats and corporate guests visiting the building.


  • Spots assigned permanently to certain employees lie idle when their owners are on holiday or working remotely

  • Lack of access to the garage forces guests to spend time driving around the building in search of free spots

  • Entering the garage requires having a physical access card

  • The car plate recognition system won’t allow the employee entrance if a replacement car is being used

  • Parking spots dedicated to VIP employees are frequently occupied by others due to unclear or missing designations


  • Users see a list of available parking spots in real time, thanks to which they don’t have to waste time looking for a free space in the garage

  • Owing to data from the app, the utilization of parking spots belonging to a given office or building has been maximized, while employees avoid arguments and queues in the garage

  • Users open garage gates via the app in their phones and can therefore reach the garage in any car

  • Access codes sent to users in advance allow them to quickly and independently enter the garage

  • Ability to integrate the app with CarPlay® and AndroidAuto®

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