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An employee working from many different offices wishes to have a single system on hand to effortlessly move around each one of them.

case study - coworking


  • Unification of functionalities to fulfill the needs of different buildings in different locations

  • Facilitating access to a building at any time, without having to carry cards or keys

  • •Guaranteeing easy access to office spaces and resources without engaging the reception or security in traditional guest registeration



  • The introduced app features a clear and easily-navigable interface, offering the user an identical set of features in every building

  • All access permissions needed to move around a building are stored in the smartphone, allowing 24/7 access and eliminating plastic cards

  • Thanks to the resource booking function, the user can reserve a room or desk for a time that best suits his needs and at a specific office, regardless of his whereabouts at that moment

case study - rozwiązania
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